20th Century Artifacts

I have been raising kids for 23 years and I think I have finally achieved success in my profession. I just printed new business cards that read, “Chief Ninja Mom Executive”.  I realize that I have invested years to arrive at this career high – I like to tell my older kids that I practiced with them to finally get my parenting right with the younger two.  And now that I have reached this pinnacle in my maternal career – my youngest son is a tween – I am starting to feel the effects of peaking and now I think that I may be on my way down the parental corporate ladder. A disclaimer – my two older children are turning out pretty good for having been the guinea pigs in my parental experimentation!


El Capitan Beach, California

There is some irony here – while I am experiencing the effects of being on the other side of the parenting curve with my youngest son, I am also bursting with experience, great advice and thoughtful reflections. I also find myself dismayed by the events that take place, what seems like, daily, that are my “LASTS” as a parent, and yet I am inspired by their beauty and triumph.


LAST week I sat in my final Elementary Back to School Night. Once upon a time I sat in this room and looked around feeling young and fresh and that night I actually felt like a veteran.  The same teacher who I have loved since my eldest daughter was in her class in 2002 was still energetic and dynamic; She is a divine educator who sings, dances and delights her students – she makes learning fun and exciting. I looked around the room and even after a short month, the kids’ artwork and projects brilliantly decorated the walls and ceilings. Then I laid my eyes on a few typewriters and record players sitting on the side table. The very machines I fondly grew up with were now the delightful ‘Artifacts’ for our iTechnology Tweens to relish. I did feel old!


El Capitan early morning

LAST weekend I went with my tween to a weekend class campout at El Capitan just outside of Santa Barbara. I have taken this same trip a dozen times over the years, but this time was extra special as it was the end of an era – ‘My El Capitan Finale’. My son and I settled into our small wood cabin nestled in the rolling hills above the beach. It was a beautiful, warm weekend with visits to the beach, sand castles, hiking, campfires, Banana Grams, soccer games, karaoke and lots of biking. Tweens who normally sit glued to their iTechnology were running around breathing fresh air and playing with their friends. Parents who are usually hooked to their smart phones were bonding, talking and playing as well. It was a magical event and even the mouse who rustled in my cabin all Saturday night did not ruin my spirits. IMG_5464

LAST night, I picked up my tween at 4:15 from school, brought him home. Turned around and drove to get teen from volleyball at 5:30pm. Brought her home. Left to take teen to more volleyball at 6:30pm. I went out to a lecture and came home. Tween was still up and wanted to snuggle and report the Dodgers win. Teen wanted to engage in a full conversation and was dismayed when I said I was too tired – it was almost 11pm and way past my weekday curfew.


Upper Loop, El Capitan

A Typewriter, A Turntable, A Weekend Campout and an Old Fashion Mom – 20th Century Artifacts that still work pretty well!

Ninja Mom

Parenting from Brazil

Regards from the CIty of Ilheus: A beautiful region of North Eastern Brazil historically known for cocoa plantations and tourism. I write this post from the balcony of our wooden bungalow over looking the beautiful Atlantic Ocean and enjoying the gentle onshore breeze; my view framed by countless coconut trees and seranaded by a beautiful cacophony of singing birds. I sit here alone. I have nowhere to rush off to, no meeting to attend and no phone ringing – mainly because my iPhone does not any reception here.


Txai Resort, Ilheus, Brazil

I generally do not like leaving my children – who are now teenagers – to travel across the world. I know this travel ritual has great benefits for both my children and myself, but preparing to leave is aways a struggle. My meticulous preparation usually includes writing endless lists outlining their transportation needs, after school activities, weekend plans, and daily schedules. And yes, I masterfully prepare these schedules with dates, times, directions and phone numbers.


Even the best laid plan does not take into account real life situations: the stress of too many tests in one week, the terrible loss at a basketball game, the stolen bike, the new apartment, the pile up of homework. These are not things a mother can prepare for, but I have to believe great opportunities for youthful growth without a parent in the picture for a rescue operation. Our distance a part allows for my children to find their owns solutions and resolutions.


When my kids were small and I would travel, it was so much easier. They had small lives and it was so much easier to keep them on task. A caretaker could keep everything together.


Leaving teens is an altogether different situation. The old adage – ‘Small Children Small Problems – Big Children Big Problems’ fits.


I am reminded that so many of us parents are great fixers. Flying across the world is a good opportunity for the ‘Parental Fix-it Phenomenon’ to take a back seat to the more challenging ‘Child Struggle-Problem Solving Exercise’ that takes place when kids (of all ages) need to face their challenges on their own, with their friends and thankfully in my case, with their siblings.


I may not have telephone service here in the Brazilian tropics, but this is the 21st Century and I do have Wifi which allows me a few windows of opportunity to FaceTime with my kids and enjoy their faces on my tiny iPhone screen. This makes me very happy….


Ninja Mom

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We are now in the midst of the Days of Awe: the 10 days between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur when my Jewish brethren and I must contemplate all of our sins for the previous year.  A week and a half is definitely a challenging time frame for all the reflection, repentance and renewal that is required before our fate is sealed in the Book of Life for the new year. And this year, with the confluence of the early Jewish Holidays and the start of the new school year, it is truly a race against time to (1) Identify all of my sins for the prior year, (2) reflect upon them and then (3) ask for forgiveness and at the very same time (1) fill out school forms, (2) buy school supplies (3) drive endless hours and (4) help with homework. The good news is that if I am successful by Saturday on Yom Kippur, I will have atoned for my sins and be ready to start a sweet New Year!


Old City, Jerusalem


My list to atone for is long: ranging from hanging up on the telemarketers who call my house daily and nightly, having terrible thoughts about the guy driving the car that cut me off on the 101, not speaking nicely to my kids at night when I am too tired to help them anymore, snapping at my husband when he does not hear (listen to) me, being impatient, and the list goes on.


I asked my kids what they would like to atone for during the Days of Awe before the New Year 5774 commences: “Appreciate everything I have in my life. I do not do this enough.” ”Be less judgmental.” ”Not get so angry so easily,” ”Be more thoughtful.” All smart and thoughtful responses I could adopt as well.



All this serious reflection and atonement is challenging. I have 2 suggestions – both learned from my days living in Israel – that may quench your High Holiday needs:

1. There is an old Jewish custom ‘Kapparot’, that is observed in its true form by religious Jews – you purchase a live fowl and on the morning before Yom Kippur you wave it over your head and recite a prayer asking that the fowl be considered atonement for all of your sins. Then you donate the fowl to the poor to be eaten.

2. Fly to Israel and do like the majority of Israelis on Yom Kippur – dust off your bike, your skates or your walking shoes – and stroll the automobile free city streets for 24 hours with the rest of the Israelis who are enjoying a smog and traffic free day in honor of Yom Kippur.

Shana Tova – Happy New Year.

Gmar Hatima Tova – A good final sealing in the Book of Life.

Hag Sameakh – Happy Holidays.

Ninja Mom


The Wall, Jerusalem


Taylor Swift

Last Saturday I drove my daughter Eden out to the beach to attend a friend’s birthday.  Terrible midday traffic and I was quickly very cranky. While she was at her party, I recovered from the traffic trauma by walking the Santa Monica Board Walk. The cool foggy beach was invigorating and full of joy: birds swooning. kids playing. families picnicking. bikers. skaters. wakers. surfers. jumpers. street artists. And so, so much more. We stayed down at the beach to eat lunch at our favorite restaurant. It was one of those perfect mother daughter moments where you stop and really appreciate what you have! Sitting next to us were two moms and their cute daughters all dressed in bright red complimented with red hair wraps. I asked Eden why she thought they were all dressed in red? She looked at me incredulously and said, “Mom, they are going to the Taylor Swift Red Concert!” “OH!” I responded. Yes, I had just heard that she sold out more nights at Staple Center than any other single recording artist.

Driving home again in terrible late afternoon gridlock we sat on the 405; I did everything to fight off traffic crankiness. Out of nowhere I asked Eden to go on line and see if you could get Taylor Swift tickets. 8 tickets were left on StubHub. It was 5:20pm and we got our two golden tickets to the Taylor Swift concert for later that evening.

Staples Center. Long T-shirt lines. Excitement. Cotton Candy. Cute little girls dressed in red. Women dressed in red. 15,000 Really Happy Fans. Red decor everywhere. Popcorn. Pretty light up signs. Candy Apples. Fresh air. Happiness. Joy. iPhones snapping away!


This was the ultimate mother – daughter date. Taylor Swift and Staples Center together created a Safe Zone where teenage daughters appeared happy and comfortable next to their normally very embarrassing mothers.


At 22, Taylor Swift is a bundle of musical talent. Two hours of teen love songs: with youthful lyrics but music and rhythm for all. While we did not partake in the RED wardrobe, Teen and I danced and sang the night away with great exhiliration.


We are never ever ever getting back together,                                                                   We are never ever ever getting back together,                                                                   You go talk to your friends, talk to my friends, talk to me,                                                       But we are never ever ever ever getting back together


I knew you were trouble when you walked in
Trouble, trouble, trouble
I knew you were trouble when you walked in
Trouble, trouble, trouble


Oh, losing him was blue like I’d never known
Missing him was dark grey all along
Forgetting him was like trying to know somebody you never met
‘Cause loving him was red
Yeah, yeah, red
We’re burning red

IMG_5057 2

Blissfully yours,

NInja Mom

August – Back to School Advice

Back to School Advice…..Before you start back to school shopping, call your stock broker and buy Staples, Bed Bath and Beyond and Apple stock.

“Arhat” – which in Sanskrit translates to “a being who has achieved a state of enlightenment”

“Arhat” – which in Sanskrit translates to “a being who has achieved a state of enlightenment”

Each August, I arrive at Staples with children eager to buy all the items on their school’s back to school list and then some. Although not as fun as walking the bright and shiny aisles at Staples, I do remind my offspring that we have closets back at home full of prior years’ supplies. This comment is met with looks of great disbelief as they tightly hold the wrinkled paper in their hands with the same dedication as I imagine Moses had as he arrived from Mt Sinai baring the 10 Commandments.


Takashi Murakami

Somehow back to school shopping makes me feel like the sacrilegious mom about to be burned at the stake and I am not alone! I commiserate with the silent glances and polite smiles I share with the other moms (and some dads) being dragged through the aisles by their little Moses and their own 10 Commandments.


Takashi Murakami

I should be a seasoned professional after making this pilgrimage for two decades, but some things continue to shock me:  Why are there never little plastic index card boxes in stock when we arrive at Staples?  How many number 2 pencils should any living person have in their desk?  Why are calculator with many tiny buttons so expensive and why do my kids need to buy a new one each year?   Why are pink paper clips better than silver ones?  And where have all the scissors I bought over the last 20 years disappeared to?


Parents at Staples?

Similar challenges continue when your child is off to college and you visit the mecca of dorm room design - Bed Bath & Beyond.  You buy sheets, duvets, towels, pillows, trash cans and so much more at your local BBB and then pick everything up at the BBB near to your kid’s college. It is genius, but this pilgrimage can drive a parent completely looney. 18-year-old’s do not really comprehend just how small dorm rooms are; what it means to share a small space with a complete stranger; and how unimportant perfectly matching sheets, towels and accessories are at college. I have arrived at dorms with bags full of enough BBB items to fill a soccer stadium where the goal is simply to unpack and find a place to put everything; and all of this, while your freshman looks around to see who is walking by, what they are wearing and where they are going. Unfortunately there are no parenting degrees for this sport! I do love BBB because if something does not fit or your kid decides after 2 days of orientation that he does not want to go to college, they accept returns, and they do not make you feel any worse than you already feel.  ps if you leave BBB without one major fight with your teen, you should consider this a huge win.


Lastly, please remember to invest in Apple stock. No matter where your kid sits on the education ladder, they always have a need for something new from the Apple Store. New 7th graders need iPhones, not only to communicate with their parents (wink) or text their friends who are sitting next to them at lunch, but these days teens use iPhones as part of their in-class assignments. High schoolers need a new desk top computer because the one they got back in middle school is a dinosaur and has reached its memory capacity storing Selfies, group photos, pictures of food and silly videos.  College freshmen must have a new, small lap top for class notes, library work, Skype and Netflix television. The needs are limitless and oh yes, along the way, each kid needs an external hard drive, a printer and fancy ear phones.
Murakami, Smiling Faces

Murakami, Smiling Faces

When the Back to School Madness is over, the credit card bills arrive and your kids go back to not talking to you. If you have taken my advice, when your 3rd quarter stock dividend from Staples, BBB and Apple arrive, you will be smiling.
Ninja Mom
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Raging Hormones

My PreTeen (just shy of his 12th birthday) has all the signs of a teenager with raging hormones. Yes, I have truly begun to worry about the imminent changes that will be experienced over the next few years. My PT has spent the majority of his life carefully studying his older siblings’ teenage shenanigans and let me say, they have given him plenty of precious material to work with.

The best pizza at Il Pizzaiuolo, Florence

The best pizza at Il Pizzaiuolo, Florence

Recently, I picked PT up from a sleep over at his grandmother’s house on the kibbutz. In 24 hours, her living room had become his teen mecca – the tv was playing, couch/bed unmade, clothes strewn everywhere and wrappers crumpled on the side of the couch. PT was quite content in the middle of the mess plugging away on the iPad when I came in. In an effort to grab his attention, I suggested we go for a walk and get some fresh air.  Instead, PT offered to drive me around the kibbutz on his grandmother’s small electric vehicle.


Me and PT out in the rain.

To be fair, PT remains a sweet little boy. He is honest, thoughtful and articulate, but then out of nowhere, a nasty teen monster rears its crazy head: he can respond to the simple word,”HI”, with a ferocious attack. This is accompanied by facial expressions: the Impatient and you are annoying me Face, the that is the stupedest comment Face and of course, and the I already told you so Face.


Yes, he is cute!

Many times PT happily wants to shnuggle; other times, like when I drop him off with his peers at surf camp, he is embarrassed by my presence and gives me an exasperated look and a fierce reaction if I come too close.


PT still enjoys plastic surprise toys!

PT used to be of the opinion that I was a well qualified mother, but lately he has started to tell me how to behave and what to say.


Like father like son, Italian Train.

When I ask him to clean the dirty clothing off the floor and hang the wet towel, he responds, “I like it that way. What does it matter anyways?” Before the PT big mouth hormones kicked in, he would have just cleaned up!


Matcot before surfing camp on the Israeli beach.

PT lIke a full fledged teen wants to watch movies late into the night and then has a terrible time getting up.  If I did not wake him, he would sleep all morning and then lounge around reading sports stats and watching tv..


Life imitates art?

Each summer PT has summer math and reading: In the past all he required was gentle convincing and now it is like pulling teeth to get him to do his work.


PT driving me through the kibbutz.

So PT drove me around the kibbutz on the electric car: I could not help but surmise that this was a metaphor for the next 4 years (before he gets a real driver’s license) when he simply fulfills his job as a teenager and drives me a bit crazy!

 Ninja Mom

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Ninja Mom Furlough

This July I took a Ninja Mom’s Furlough (a temporary layoff from my job) while my older kids were away. To make the most of my Furlough, I fled with my husband and young son to Tuscany.

Val D'Orcia, Italy

Val D’Orcia, Italy

But my Ninja Mom Summer Furlough never fully got off the ground, because even thousands of miles apart while I was lodged in the hills of Tuscany, the 21st Century viral umbilical cord – SMS, FaceTime, email, calls and Instagram – remained tightly connected.

Entrance to Pienza, Italy

Entrance to Pienza, Italy

My college son in the midst of final exams in Israel continued his pattern of not responding to texts and emails, but of course called when he needed something; My daughters in Asia and Barcelona texted and emailed daily details like they were next door:

Early Italian Starbucks

Early Italian Starbucks

People and Places: ‘Most people suck but some cool;  I really like Cambodia;  I’ve made a mistake, this is not a good place;  Going to Tarragona and beach;  Friend and I took bus to take photos;  Im in Siem reap after beautiful 7 hour bus ride;   At hotel in Ho Chi Minh; Beautiful Airport and burkas galore!;  We swam with bioluminescent plankton last night it was awesome;  koh Phangan is beautiful! I love you.’

Cetona, Italy

Cetona, Italy

Personal - ‘Please transfer $ into my account;  Face time quick before bedtime?;  We are sweating;  Have a cold;  Love you; Haven’t showered in a while;  Morning;  Finally pooped;  What u up to?;  Night; I love you both.  Im in a shit mood;  Are u up? Just the best time in the whole world.’

Sarteano, Italy

Sarteano, Italy

Food: ‘I bought my own sushi;  Eating dinner with Ilexa in Cambodia;  Yes we wore helmets, yes we ate great food;  Average breakfast menu;  Going to eat best Paella.’

Jousting in Sarteano

Jousting in Sarteano

Consternation/Guilt:Have you gotten my texts mom?;  I clearly miss you more than you miss me.  Mommmmm i miss you please respond to something.  Omg you remember me!;)’


Old Sarteano, Italy

Thoughtful Observations: ‘I have learned a lot about people this summer;  This trip is teaching me a lot about haves and have nots and have a lots.’

The Main Road, Sarteano

The Main Road, Sarteano

Over the last few years, there has been great talk of workers forced to take furloughs due to budget cuts and the sequester.

Simple beauty, Italy

Simple beauty, Italy

This summer, I was required to take a Ninja Mom Furlough due to my big kids developing their characters and their own narratives. Sadly for me, the tradition and familiarity of spending each summer physically together was slipping away.  Once again, I reminded myself of the expression, ”The best way to hold on to your children is to let them go.”

Okay I must admit.……Tuscany is an ideal locale to try and take a Ninja Mom Furlough!  I traveled around enjoying beautiful sites; I was obligated to eat pasta and drink wine; and at the end of the day, my iPhone facilitated the essential Mother – Child Life Line!

Ninja Mom

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Chanel Handbag

One very hot July afternoon in Florence, I entered the Chanel Store in Piazza della Signoria and quickly became focused on the spectacle of an 16-year-old American girl trying to buy a Chanel handbag. She was a petite brunette (like my own daughters) and as I browsed the merchandise, I listened to her explain to the Chanel team that the handbag was her birthday present from her parents. She was negotiating to pay both with cash and a credit card while requesting to get a tax refund. She did not have her passport on her and was under 18; I overheard as the Chanel sales team took turns explaining that she could not get the tax refund because she was under 18. One by one her girlfriends who were waiting outside with bags from Brandy Melville (a perfect store for 16-year-olds) came in to offer their support.

Chanels friends Brandy Melville

Chanels friends Brandy Melville

This sweet sixteen suggested to the Chanel sales team that they call her mom to help with the purchase, but not a single Chanel confederate was about to call her mom to make the transaction. I wanted to call her mother at that very moment and say, “PLEASE!!!! Does she really need a Chanel Handbag on her teen tour of Europe? Does she really need a Chanel Handbag, before she graduates high school? Does she really need a Chanel Handbag that she cannot even purchase on her very own?” PLEASE!!! What is there for her to look forward to in life if she gets a brand new Chanel Handbag when she turns 16!!!


Chanel Store, Piazza della Signoria, Firenze, Italia


Piazza della Signoria, Firenze, Italia

Was I one to talk? I had kids all over the world indulged with incredible educational and travel opportunities who by the way would make a B-Line for the Chanel Boutique in Hanoi or Barcelona if I, their mother, offered!


Chanel at the Rex Hotel, Siagon

The only designer bags my kids could afford on their summer adventures were good, old fashioned fakes ones sold on the European streets by African salesmen or found in large Asian street bazaars! Instead of spending time in designer stores, my offspring were visiting temples and Buddha’s in Vietnam, Bali and Cambodia, riding on the back of a motor cycle in Hanoi (yes with a helmet), eating the best paella in all of Spain (giving up veganism for this!), learning how to navigate the pharmacy with a sore throat and a burn (received while posing for a photo too close the exhaust pipe of a Spaniard’s motor cycle), and navigating between college finals and Tel Aviv night life (a valuable goal for college students).

The Chanel Reality Show I watched left a bad taste, but being in Florence, Italy I had the perfect remedy to take away the image of entitled teenage indulgence – the gelateria!


Ninja Mom

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Teen Vegan

I was not thrilled when my teen daughter returned from a weekend visiting her older sister at college and announced that she was a vegan. Over the years, I supported her tightrope walk between being a vegetarian and a pescatarian, but a vegan was a bit over the top. She did not sort of become a vegan, she dove in fully ready for a new culinary life: overnight we had to drop eggs, butter, milk and cheese. She thoughtfully learned what foods had protein, vitamins, and minerals that her body needed. She quickly discovered natural substitutes, she sent me links with recipes and showed me magazines articles.

Bar Canete, Barcelona

Teens at Bar Canete, Barcelona

My mother thought my daughter had become a vegan to drive me crazy and I must admit that her departure to this lifestyle was challenging. I was prepared for just about anything: I changed thousands of diapers and did not sleep a proper night her first 36 months of life and yes, I had set the stage by recklessly indulging all of my children for many years: To prove it, I have a few thousand Beanie Babies and boxes packed with Disney movie cassettes in my garage!

Fried Eggplant - divine!

Divine Fried Eggplant! Bar Canete, Barcelona

Then one day, a friend shared with me that her daughter’s friends – a group of 15-year-old girls attending a local private school – were suffering from serious eating disorders.Thinking about teenage girls who felt so bad about their bodies made my vegan challenges quite surmountable.

Gaspacho Soup

Gaspacho Soup, Bar Canete

I really tried to make this a positive experience – we went through, couscous, quinoia, brown rice, vegan pasta, nuts, beans and a lot of vegetables. I am thankful to the creators of humus – truly a genius food. My daughter who has always loved interesting food, tasty restaurants and cooking never missed a meal; quite the opposite, she ate plenty as being a vegan proved hard to satisfy her hunger.

Potato Pancake with shrimps - not quite kosher spin on tradition.

Potato Pancake with shrimps – not quite kosher?

We went to the new upscale Vegan LA Restaurant, Crossroads, and we ate at the local vegan fast food in our neighborhood. I was happy to try and support her desire and conversely feared that if I stood in her way, she would buckle down and become even more vigilant in her extremist dietary life.

Fried vegetables and seafood.

Fried vegetables and seafood, Bar Canete, Barcelona

In Israel last week, I was at a restaurant with my dear friend who claimed to be a vegan for the main course at dinner, but abandoned her vegan diet for tasty desserts. Then I dropped my daughter off in Barcelona for a month of study. Before she moved to the dorm and entered student life, we ate at the most amazing Tapas Bar – Bar Canete. My vegan teen could still do without dairy, but could not resist the seafood temptation and incredibly broke her strict vegan existence!


Now she is a Teen Cheagan! ( A cheating vegan)

Ninja Mom

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Facebook Probation

I must come clean and admit that I am on Facebook Probation. This is an embarrassing fact and yet the perfect metaphor for my slow trajectory to conquering social media. I like to remind myself that I took typing in high school and the school’s only computer in 1982 filled an entire classroom – this high tech world is just not part of my DNA. I am from a generation where the goal was to see how many words one could type per minute, not to see how many LIKES one could get for a selfie – photo  blowing a kiss and making a peace sign.

Selfie on Kibbutz Hatzor, Israel

Selfie with my new friends on Kibbutz Hatzor, Israel

Summer holiday is now 2 weeks old and I am spending ‘quality time’ with my 4 children in our apartment in Herzelia Pituah, Israel. Being in close quarters is heavenly on many fronts, but there are some downside to being so close together!

1. The non-stop teasing that comes my way when I say things like, “I saw it on the Facebook” or “I posted a photo on the Instagram’”. I know they are simply called “Facebook” or “Instagram”, but back in the day, we used to say “I saw it on ‘the TV’” or  ”I heard it on ‘the radio’”. I am naturally disposed to putting the word “The’ before forms of communication.

No bullshit here!

A lot of bullshit here!

2. Plenty of criticism for putting too many photos on Instagram at one time. There is Instagram etiquette – 5 postings at one time is not cool, 3 is acceptable, 1 or 2 are respectable. The ridicule for commenting on my own photo or not properly identifying my location.

photo copy 3

No shit!

3. Then it happened, I was put on Facebook Probation. I signed up for Facebook a few years back to see what my teens were up to. Of course, my children would not be caught dead befriending me. I then lost interest until recently, when many of my friends seemed to be on Facebook. So I returned to Facebook and started collecting friends by the simply clicking the button. I started collecting friends who were ‘friends in common,’ ‘people I might know, ‘recommended friends’. Who knew it could be so easy to collect friends! That is until a notice came on the screen that informed me I was on Facebook Probation for being too friendly and that I could not collect anymore friends for 2 weeks. When my helicopter teen-daughter who enjoys hovering saw this, she screamed in shock because many of the friends I clicked on were her friends. I explained that they all fell into one of the categories of friends solicited on my Facebook screen. Two weeks of Facebook Probation is a lot easier to deal with than the wrath of a teenager!

I am not as eager to collect friends anymore. I will keep trying to master The Facebook and The Instagram, but I am very close to just moving on to The Twitter!

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Ninja Mom

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