I am the witty, energetic, thoughtful, patient, unmedicated mother of 5 children: an adult step-daughter who I helped raise during her turbulent teen years; a twenty-year-old daughter whose teen years I successfully survived with very few remaining scars; an 18-year-old son, who still has me walking on a very thin tightrope with a frayed safety net far below; a newly minted teen daughter who is blossoming into a talented, opinionated, impatient and challenging teenager; and my savior, a pre-teen son, who likes and loves me unconditionally and still treats me kindly.

I have already spent 20 years raising, watching, dealing with, arguing with, being treated badly by, being yelled at, made to feel completely stupid and feeling completely overwhelmed by teenagers in my full time job as Mother of Teenagers aka Ninja Mom. When I signed up for the parenting career as a young and naive woman, I never took into account the part about ‘raising teenagers’: I was more focused on those cute little babies where dirty diapers and colic were the daily challenges and adorable small children who threw food and did not want to go to sleep. I was completely unprepared for what came next – teenagers!!! The quote, ”small children small problems, big children big problems” quickly became cliche.

I do have good news: when these teens arrive to adulthood, many are thankful and appreciative of the years, they dragged you through the mud.

This blog is for YOU my fellow parents of teens to always remember:
- YOU are not alone;
- YOU will feel much better if you can share your teen’s adventures with close friends who are also raising teenagers themselves or have already;
- YOU need to keep a good sense of humor close at hand, at all times and readily available to cushion yourself;
- YOU do not want to overreact irrationally: it does not accomplishes anything productive and it will not make you feel better;                                                                                         -YOU need to always look for and celebrate glorious moments with your teens and hold them close like a baby blanket to help shield the rest of the crap that is thrown your way.   - YOU may want to invest in a good selection of Chiantis: a healthy wine collection can complement raising teens.

This BLOG is intended to lend support to my fellow parents of teens (P.o.T.), hopefully garnish some laughter and mostly to make parents of teens (P.o.T.) realize that they are NOT ALONE!!!

In NO WAY is this BLOG meant to substitute professional care that may be necessary. I strongly believe in seeking medical and therapeutic help for teens and their parents during these tumultuous times.

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