Coachella 2012

Last year my 13-year-old Teenage Mutant Ninja daughter begged me to take her to ‘Coachella’, a three-day musical soiree on a polo field in the middle of the California Desert. Truthfully, she was relentless; and after a good work over, I promised I would take her the following year. My older MN Children were shocked that I ‘folded’ so easily, I did not let them go to Coachella so young: My oldest daughter went when she was a senior and my son went when he was in 10th grade after I forbid him to go (He left for school on a Thursday and returned on Sunday evening! Oy – another story.)

Boy the year flew by quickly! 365 days after the ‘promise’, I arrived at Coachella with a very exuberant 8th grade MN Teenager and 75,000 music lovers! I had kept my commitment. Wasn’t I too old for this? I kept reminding myself that I was definitely adventurous! Perhaps this was my Woodstock?

The Main Stage - sharing a beautiful, fragrant afternoon with all my new friends.

Over the years, I had heard Coachella horror stories. I made it clear to MN daughter that I would be watching her very closely. In typical teen style, a few days before our departure, she started to re-negotiate the parameters in which I agreed to this adventure. ’Would I let her and her girlfriend go around by themselves?’ She went crazy as I would not acquiesce until I saw Coachella for myself.

My other friends at the Outdoor Theater listening to Mazzy Star with me.

 Once I was there and realized it was not scary, I let her and her girlfriend walk around with meeting times and locales clearly agreed upon. Texting was our best form of communication. The good new – the girls were more worried and careful as a result of this new found freedom, than I was!

Young MN Teens off to a performance - Independence!

Plenty of Security, First Aid, Cleaners, Food Stands and Inexpensive Cold Water. The whole event was very well organized.

I loved my freedom probably more than my daughter! The music, the people, the sites – I walked around iPhotographing each and every detail with my Ninja Girlfriend. Once I heard enough music at one stage, I walked over to the next stage or sat out in the field for another performance. It was very civilized and clean. Before I left, my MN Children teased me, that I could not identify any of the bands, but it was not an imperative to enjoy the experience.

With My New Boyfriends, Thing 1 and Thing 2 - Listening to The Head and the Heart - Loved this new group from Seattle!

Ninja Moms blended in a bit under hats and sun glasses amongst the scantily clad, peace child, tattooed, younger set. 'Young at heart!'

I would kill my daughters….

Pretty in Pink Flower Power - LOTs of Tattoos at Coachella!

Young and Happy!

Older and Happy….

The two competing scents throughout the weekend – Churros and Marijauna: the latter won! Beer and Alcohol were served in special sections to those with Heineken ID wrist band. They could not leave these areas with their drinks.

The Winners! (I actually think I know the girl with the blue hair!)

My MN Daughter realized that I was happy to give her some independence. I trusted her. Clearly, I did not trust everyone else. Somewhere in between, I found some balance. I believed she would make good decisions. If I did not believe so in the first place, I would not have brought her to Coachella.

The Sahara Stage reminded me that I was old. The techno/hip-hop/electric music gave me heart palpitations – the music was very loud and POUNDING! If I had stayed longer, I would have needed a Zanax. The young people loved it and were packed in!

Rapidly Pulsating Techno-Tent where MN Teen Daughter Wanted to Be!

Coachella is really a beautiful place!

Happy Dancers!

Happy Mutant Ninja Teens playing Duck, Duck Goose?

New Friends from South America.

Woodstock in 1969 was a three-day music festival on a rainy weekend on a cow farm in New York with 32 rock acts and 500,000 in attendance; Coachella 2012 was a three-day music festival on a rainy (1st) weekend on a polo field in California’s Desert with over 150 musical acts and over 75,000 people in attendance. Woodstock is an iconic musical event; Coachella will always be a quintessential experience in my young MN Teenagers life  and for me, a burst of life and pure exhilaration. And one more thing to cross of my Bucket List!

Outfit In the running for Ninja Mom’s trip to Coachella next year?                                  Please send your thoughts!
Ninja Mom

5 thoughts on “Coachella 2012

  1. Wonderful retelling of a truly wonderful experience. Felt like 2 grown kids in a candy store!
    You can borrow my Darth Vader bra for next years show.

  2. Wow, after reading that, I felt like I was there;) I didn’t want it to end!! I LOVE your sense of humor & point of view. Who knows maybe I’ll go & whoop it up w/ little girls one day;)

  3. that is actually me in the stormtrooper bra. don’t judge a book. me and the girl in the yellow undies have 1.5 and 4 years sober respectively. probably the most trustworthy people at the festival :) cheers!

  4. In 2003 Coachella started allowing tent camping as an option for festival lodging. The campground site is on a polo field adjacent to the venue grounds and has its own entrance on the south side of the venue. For the 2010 festival, there were more than 17,000 campers. At the 2012 event, on-site facilities included recycling, a general store, showers, mobile phone charging stations and an internet cafe with free WiFi.-

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