Dearest Daughter

Spring Break. My daughter is traveling to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for a week with her college girlfriends.

While balancing my concerns and my burning desire to offer advice with the understanding that she is an adult, I wrote her the following note -

Dearest Daughter -

I put into your account $300 for Mexico.                                                                                          This money is for food, sun block and bottled water.                                                         This money is not for alcohol, drugs, bungee jumping, midnight cruises,                        quickie weddings or any other ‘before I finish college bucket list items’.

Please note – I do not consider drinking tequila with a worm in it a cultural experience nor
flirting with a boy in Spanish at a bar as productive use of the years of Spanish I paid for.    
I know you are 22 and a smart woman, but please keep in mind –                                        
(1) Mexico is full of crime – killings and kidnappings are common occurrences. Mexico is not on the top of the State Departments list of Safe Vacation Destinations.
(2) Mexico is not America – you are not protected as an American Citizen. Quite the opposite, there is no protection so be smart and thoughtful about who you are with and where you are and what you are doing!
(3) Do not venture off with any young man at any point – even in midday when the sun is shining. If you have any question about the chutzpah of me writing this to you – please google ‘Natalie Hallaway’.
(4) Do not drink from any glasses or bottles that are left unattended by the pool as well as the bar.
(5) Wear sunblock that has a double digit in it all the time. High IQ = High SPF.
(6) Lock your door at night, put your passport and Iphone in a Safe.
(7) Please text me once a day to let me know you are following my rules and having fun.
I love you.


3 thoughts on “Dearest Daughter

  1. Seems reasonable. I hope she saves that letter so in a few years the two if you can read it together and laugh while she thanks you for being her mom.

  2. You are a gifted writer and parent. I will be archiving this for future use! Well done! Bravo! Please post her response.

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