Don’t it always seem to go

That you don’t know what you’ve got til its gone….

Each vacation with my high school and college children has become more precious. I realize the days are numbered when we will be on holiday together. Soon they will not have winter break; soon they will be busy with their own lives; and soon I will not be able to complain about piles of clothes thrown all over the floor, dirty dishes left in the kitchen sink, loud techno music, messy bathrooms (you get the picture) and for this reason during our two week holiday, I made every effort to withhold my observations regarding these infractions. All I wanted was to enjoy these young adults living under my roof; I even refrained from commenting about their crazy late night hours out or their even wackier later waking hours. So let me tell you a few things we did to bond and share the winter holiday in Israel!

1. We sat in our apartment watched ridiculously funny and stupid You Tube videos. Click on blue words to enjoy these videos – share with your kids! After each video – click on return ARROW!

2. One chilly afternoon, we drowned our 4 Wheel Drive SUV together in a large rain made puddle. I was driving! Once our car was stuck in a few feet of muddy water, we laughed together as other smaller cars successfully drove by us sending waves washing our way. One by one, we rolled up our pants and waded through cold brown water to escape the capsized flotilla. We abandoned the car, but this new family saga drew us closer together. Many times with teens and parents, it feels like its ‘us against them’. This time we were all in it together.

A view from the middle of the ‘puddle’

3. We played bannana-grams where I no longer won with ease!

4. One morning we helicoptered to the Negev Desert for a 24 hour family get away. Traveling by air, we were happily smooshed together flying over the Holy Land. Together, we walked through the desert, hunted Ibex along the crater’s cliffs and ate lots of yummy food.

A view of our apartment from the air. (far left)

While cliche to keep saying ‘time flies by’ and  ’I do not know where the years have gone?’ capturing as many special moments with our children even when they are big and messy can be very challenging, but I argue all the more worthwhile! This morning at 5am as my daughter left for college, I was flooded by tears, stuck in my own large puddle: glum she was leaving, cheerful she was returning to the college she loves for her last semester and acutely aware that time has flown at an unfathomable pace.

A final YouTube video to remind us never to give up even when our kids drive us crazy!

Ninja Mom 



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