Drone Parents

The US government loves Drones. Drones successfully carry out America’s important work: spying on and killing enemies in foreign lands. They are relatively inexpensive, unmanned flying machines. Domestically Drones have many possibilities: filming sport events up close, capturing wild animals mating, assisting the police to find criminals, they can even patrol our borders for illegal immigration.


All of this Drone coverage has me thinking that Drones could be very useful in helping to raise teenagers. We have Helicopter Parents – why not Drone Parents? Mothers and fathers whose teens are sneaking around and dallying in dangerous or unhealthy areas could find comfort in this assistance. I googled ‘Drones for Sale’ and immediately there were 28 million hits featuring inexpensive Drones that are easy to use and can be operated on iPhones. These Drones navigated by GPS are equipped with cameras to take clear videos and pictures.


Parents can send their Drones to video their new teen drivers and have the best of both worlds – they can watch their kids drive the street, make sure they are not listening to loud music or texting and be sure that they are coming to a full stop at stop signs – all while not having to be in the car with them!


Parents who believe that their children are lying to them about where they are going and who they are with, can discover the truth by way of their personal Drones. Drones cannot lie.


Drones are perfect for teenagers who attend parties on the weekends and tell their parents that they do not drink or smoke. Easy enough, parents send their Drone out to the party and it sends back footage to either confirm or expose the teen’s story. A picture is worth a thousand words.


Drones can be used for many practical things: planning commercial developments, checking out the inventory at the Nordstoms shoe sale, filming movies, exploring interesting parts of the city and all the while Drones are aiding parents in raising their teenagers.


I suspect that many of these teens are already being raised by Helicopter Parents, so Drone Parents will be a natural progression. For parents who worry incessantly and cannot eat, drink or sleep, this is a perfect solution, For parents whose teens have a loose interpretation of the telling the truth, this could be a great panacea. For parents who cannot stay up past 10 pm to smell their teens when they come home from a party, this is a parental life savor.

Until parents can plant micro chips into teenagers or perhaps re-connect the umbilical cords, Drones appear to be a great solution.

Desperate Times require Desperate Measures!

Ninja Mom

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