Foxy and the Black-Cyber-Demon

Black Friday - Tents line the chilled sidewalk in front of Best Buys. Walmart employees picket against working on Thanksgiving Day. Folks shop on their smart phones during holiday meals! Hoards of shoppers stampede through retail establishments. People fight for bargains. Hundreds of retail emails flood my In-box – even more than I received the final weeks of election season.

Black Friday - Outside Walmart

MY REALITY – In 1998, I found myself at an Italian Prada Outlet very pregnant – pushing crazed Japanese tourists out of the way for Prada handbags. This is not a memory I am proud of and would never return to, but I once participated in this frenzy!

2012 Black Friday Weekend saw 247 million shoppers; a 9% increase in shopping over  2011. The average shopper spent $423; a total of $59 billion dollars were spent in the one weekend. The US Economy is definitly picking up!

The Wall Street Journal announced that Cyber Monday Online Sales Rose 30% this year.

My Reality – One non-retail – school e-mail – slips in to warn me that “One Kid” in my son’s class has Head Lice. Over the last 18 years, I have spent endless hours and bank loads fighting the dreaded modern Head Lice Epidemic in my own offspring. I hate Lice – I start itching just writing the words Head Lice!

Head Lice

Small Business Saturday - President Obama and his daughters leave the White House to shop at a book store (Is this really where the girls wanted to go shopping?) My own children share with me their Holiday Gift Lists in hard copy, virally and verbally.

My Reality - I have become a conservative shopper after years of excess liberal spending on my children. Another embarrassing maternal retail confession - I used to stalk retailers all over the US crazily buying Beanie Babies for my kids; and this idiotic behavior took place prior to the internet. My children loved their Beanie Babies. My son’s favorite was Foxy who he sadly lost on a family trip, but foxy lives on in our family’s contemporary legend. 


Sly foxy passed a lovely vineyard surrounded and enclosed by tall fences. Foxy circled the garden until he discovered a small opening just large enough for him to stick his thin head through. Foxy could see the fresh grapes growing and he began to salivate. He tried to push his body through the hole, but it was too small. So sly foxy thought what to do? He fasted for three days until he became lean enough to squeeze through the hole.

Inside the garden foxy ate to his heart’s content. He grew bigger and fatter than before his fast. When he tried to leave the garden, Foxy could not fit through the same tiny hole he had entered through. He had no choice, but to fast again. After 3 long days, foxy was able to escape through the hole.

As he scurried off, Foxy looked back at the vineyard and pondered - How enticing the vineyards and how delicious all of the grapes! But what good was the fruit if I could not take it with me!

I scratch my head, contemplate Foxy’s final thought and ask myself, Is there really a Black-Cyber-Demon in all of us?

Ninja Mom


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