Gift Lists for Santa Clause

What ever happened to the sweet letters my kids would write to Santa Clause promising that they had behaved really well all year and asking Santa for a lovely list of creative and unrealistic gifts: a  life size space ship, a magic castle, a real fire truck or a live-breathing chimpanzee?  All of this translated to toys that I could happily and successfully purchase in an hour’s visit to the mall: an Easy Bake Oven, a princess costume at the Disney Store, a box of Legos, an American Girl Doll and a Nintendo DS. I loved these letters – they were sweet, artistic and thoughtful! And I treasure and hold tight to the memories of their sheer excitement and appreciation for the toys they received and spent hours playing with. 

Now my Teenage Mutant Ninja Son is rarely happy with the gifts I buy him, and yet he is disappointed if I do not actually get him holiday gifts! I ask him what he wants, but he is not sure. I call it The Present Guessing Game: I am supposed to rack my brain to find the perfect gifts, but no matter what I buy, I cannot win. Truthfully last year, after he complained that I did not know how to prepare meat properly, I purchased a Digital Meat Thermometer for him as a holiday gift and suggested he use it to cook his own steaks. This was not a tremendously successful gift.

And this year, my MN Teen Daughter emails me daily internet links to gifts she wants: mostly clothes, shoes and accessories. The links are accompanied with varying messages to the degree in which the gifts bare importance. To give you an idea of the variety of links that she has sent my way…..

And for those of you who read about her slight addiction with on line purchases….today her long awaited order finally arrived; out of 5 pieces, she only liked one skirt and now WE have to return the other 4 items back to the vendor, which (1) she did not like and (2) were also too large in size. It finally dawned on her that on – line shopping is not all that successful a means to getting new clothes quickly! It might be better to actually go to the store and see and try on the clothing!!!

My little son still writes his list down and talks to me about his dream gifts! He is thrilled and appreciative of rubbery, bouncing balls; creative board and Wii games, Beyblades, figurines and sports jerseys. He is even happy with books! 


Beyblades - The best toy for 10 year old boys!!!

My little son does not write letters to Santa though. His older siblings, the Mutant Ninja Teens have squashed the idea that Santa Claus exists for him, but they can never take it away from me. I am still a believer!

Ninja Mom

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