Happy Mother’s Day


A Mother’s Day Message -

Dear Ninja Moms –

May you all take the day off from the incredible ‘sweeping’ you do each and every day!

Sending wishes that Mother’s Day is filled with colorful and hand made cards; thoughtful and sentimental words; meaningful and priceless gifts; breakfast, lunch and dinner in bed; heartfelt cheer and appreciation for your talent and time; and hugs, kisses and lot’s of love.

You are the foundations and heroes of your familes and your maternal peers – Mothers can never fully take a day off, but all deserve to be honored and celebrated endlessly!

With love, respect and appreciation for being thoughtful and most admirable Maternal Executives -

Ninja Mom




3 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. A very happy Mother’s Day to you, Ninja Mom. Thank you for entertaining and enlightening me with your stories and reminding me that I’m not alone. Sometimes I think he is purposely driving me crazy, but then he makes me breakfast in bed (a routine he has followed for the last 13 years–since he was 5 years old), and it warms my heart. We’re very lucky, aren’t we?

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