I Miss the Olympics….

For fourteen days, I was an Olympic Junky connected to the NBC “IV Drip” infusing non-stop “Olympic Moments” through my veins. Since closing ceremonies, I have pondered why this year I was so intrigued and hooked? Needless to say in the Olympic void, I have had to revert to other forms of entertainment!

Why did I love the XXX Olympics so much this year?

1st  - A Great Escape – Olympic coverage thankfully replaced the daily negative news we have become complacent to – Obama-Romney attack ad; European economic collapse; Iranian threats to annihilate Israel; Syrian rebel executions; American soldiers killed in Afghanistan – and allowed all of us to live for 14 days in a happier and healthier ‘Olympic World’ where nations compete in stadiums with dedicated and talented athletes who hug  in victory and defeat.

Katie Ledecky, 15-year-old Gold Medalist in 800 Freestyle.

2nd – Pomp & Circumstance – The British venues made the already fascinating Olympics royal and regal: Beach volleyball located at the Horse Guards Parade; Princess Kate fashionably strolling though the Olympic Village to greet athletes; Queen Elizabeth skydiving along side James Bond for their arrival at Opening Ceremonies; Mick Jagger and Paul McCartney enjoying the competition amongst huge crowds; and the return of the Spice GIrls who performed atop decked out London cabs as they drove around the stadium. Sitting in front of my telly with my tea and a scone, I was truly an engaged spectator.

Gabby Douglas, 16-year-old Gold Medalist - All Around Gymnast

3rd – Thrilling moments – There was always a sporting event to dive into, jump on and flip over. All our eyes were on the incredibly talented international athletes: we held our breath for them, we cried with them and we cheered for them. Their Olympic Moments also became our Olympic Moments.

Cleressa Shields, 17-year-old Gold Medalist - Middle Weight Boxing

4th – Reality Check – Watching Olympic teenagers win Gold Medals after years of hard work, commitment and perseverance was a healthy break from the real(ity) world where teenagers are publicized for one main skill – “celebrity-ism”: they are promoted for how they look, who they are dating and what parties they attend; exploited for the expensive designer shoes and handbag they sport, and celebrated for the time they spend in drug rehab or jail – it is an unhealthy media parade that our teens are suffocated by daily. For 14 days, the Kardashian-Cyrus-Spears-Olsen-Lohan celebrities were not the headliners!

Missy Franklin, 17-year-old with 4 Olympic Gold Medals

* * * * *

I now must patiently await the 2016 Games of the XXXI Olympiad in Brazil. In the meantime, I have returned to my more mundane Ninja Mom spectator sports…

Observing Ninta Teen Daughter and Friends Cake Decorating at Cake Mix on Melrose.

Viewing a Good Old Fashioned Summer Sporting Event!

Capturing the End of Summer Group High Jump!

Ninja Mom 



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