I survived two weeks without Anderson Cooper

This was no small feat for me as I am a news junkie: I love to get my updates from the beautiful, hard working and very articulate AC360! Whether it be world news, domestic politics or high school bullying, Anderson is my go to news man. But for two weeks during winter break, I went cold turkey! I did not watch any TV News prescribing to the notion that ‘If I did not see it, then it did not happen!’

Anderson Cooper Book mark I received at LAX before I boarded the plane to Israel.

Taking a two week vacation and leaving my structured day to day schedule was a great luxury: walks on the beach, road trips, great meals and lots of Scrabble and Backgammon. There was one thing, though, that absolutely drove me crazy: my older Mutant Ninja Children looked at a two week break as one big party which meant that they would go out late each night (11pm) and return home in the early hours of the morning (3am-5am) and then proceeded to sleep most of the day. Israel has a very fun and exciting night life and the drinking age is eighteen – thus they are ‘legal’. It also helps that their cousin is one of the largest operator of night clubs in the country!

I know it was a vacation, but it I still believe that they could help around the apartment if not work part time, while also partying and sleeping. In their defense, they did make some time to visit their ailing grandmother in the late afternoons/evenings. When I was nineteen years old and on holiday from school, this was a chance to work and make some money; I still had time to go out to parties as well. I am not sure how I went wrong with my MN Children: they are wonderful people, but they are not motivated or passionate to help or work part time and make some money. It does not help that their 89-year-old grandmother slipped them cash – financially enabling them not to work. I gave up battling with her over this indulgence a long time ago! On the other hand, my 13-year-old MN Teen has a bank account full of money she has earned from little jobs she has found and money she has saved. For the two week vacation, she helped clean the apartment, put away laundry and wash dishes.

This is strictly a problem of ‘Nurturing’ and not ‘Nature’ as they are all very capable of working – I just did not raise the older two with these values and expectation. I wonder what Anderson Cooper was doing for work back when he was nineteen years old? I bet he was already trying to make money!

Just as I was coping with partying and sleeping MN Children, I received this note from Bill Gates. I realized if he had written this, I was not alone. This message was for an entire generation of teenagers and young adults that we had raised – I really like Rule 7!!!

A message from Bill Gates

I have printed and shared this message with my Mutant Ninja Children. No, they did not thank me for this!!!  I suggest you do the same. And even post it in the kitchen, where there is heavy traffic flow in your house.

Ninja Mom


One thought on “I survived two weeks without Anderson Cooper

  1. Anderson Cooper was born into the wealthy Vanderbilt family on his mother’s side. Even though she didn’t have to work, Gloria Vanderbilt, Anderson’s mom, designed and marketed one of the most recognized and mass produced line of jeans in the 1970s. Anderson started working as a model as a young boy and so he was working and receiving payment at an early age. He also worked hard to get his foot in the door as a journalist and worked the graveyard shift to get on the air experience. In other words, even though he and his mother were born to privilege, it did not encumber their work ethic!

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