KAJJ at House Of Blues

You know that tipping point when you open up your iCalendar on a Sunday night, look  to the crazy week that lay ahead and wonder how the heck you will get it all done? I am all too familiar with this daunting exercise – balancing the multitude of activities and appointments for me and my family with the confinement of a 24 hour day.

In short, my 21st Century Ninja Mom dilemmas: (1) How do I take care of my family? (2) How can I drive my kids everywhere they need to go, schedule their appointments, calendar their needs and be present for their productions and homework? (2) How do I make the time to focus on my work? (3) How do I ration off time to take care of myself physically and emotionally? (5) How do I creatively make 24 hours a sufficient amount of time to pack in a great load? All of this requires advanced juggling and incredible elasticity not to mention a strong will and a lot of love.

Amongst all of this craziness, there are picture perfect moments that cause you not to question why you make so much effort! We all have them: some are carefully planned and others organically manifest themselves and pleasantly surprise us. Either way, they seize our tired and over-scheduled parent souls and draw us off to very special locales.

Last weekend, I was both inspired and overhauled by one of these experiences. My son’s band KAJJ after months of intensive parental coordination and endless rehearsals performed at the House of Blues and rocked the place. I submit this Post in appreciation for my very dedicated fellow band parents, the fans who arrived to cheer our boys on and the others who could not attend, but called to support!

If you missed KAJJ’s show, here are three songs they performed that night. Enjoy!!!

Ninja Mom


4 thoughts on “KAJJ at House Of Blues

  1. I was likewise “inspired and overhauled”!! And sometimes these moments aren’t just driven by our nuclear family or the one to one parent interactions; but happens spontaneously through a community of parents and children. Thank you Liz for your provocative parental involvement.

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