KONY 2012


Joseph Kony - Ugandan Warlord

My Mutant Ninja Children ages 10 and 13 asked me to watch a video the other day. I, like most parents, was too busy at that moment to stop and watch a 30 minute video on-line. But I did watch the KONY 2012 video over the weekend. If your child has not asked you to watch this video, I am. The subject while excruciatingly strategic and poignant parallels an incredibly dynamic social media movement that affects and connects our teenagers and those across the globe to raise awareness and fight for their Ugandan Teenage Peers freedom and survival. In one week, KONY 2012 documentary has had over 35 million viewers on You Tube: most of the viewers have been from Facebook and are Teenagers and Young People. Our MN Children live in a very small, connected and dynamic world for many parents is foreign, rapid and intangible. We need to stay connected.

Please watch KONY 2012 (click on the blue word!)


Ninja Mom

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