Mermaids & Happy Days!

As the school year finishes, we Ninja Moms (and Dads) are busy attending sports  and debate finals; supporting ERBs, APs and finals; filling out summer forms and driving to orthodontist appointments, band practice and school celebrations to name a few! Amidst the seemingly endless activities from my ‘To Do List’, there have been a couple of heart warming Ninja Mom Author celebrations: one in a book store and one at the sea, perfect places for both to be…(I could not resist!)

Last Night I Swam With A Mermaid written by Kimberly Muller with her husband Michael is an enchanting children’s picture book with lovely messages for all. Reading her words, I quickly returned to rich memories of my own small children and the lightness of their minds and the softness of their snuggles. The under sea photography by Michael is nothing less than stunning and exhilarating; the reader and the small listeners feel as though they are swimming with the mystical mermaid and the beautiful little girl. Whether big or small, one can easily enjoy the thoughtful words:

“Before we go deeper out to sea, I’ll tell you the mermaid mantra, repeat after me. Open your eyes and heart and mind. See and feel the magic you will find. Whatever you need, it’s all inside.”

A perfect local to celebrate Last Night I Swam With a Mermaid

“Remember it’s up to me and it’s up to you that we believe in ourselves and all we can do. DREAM BIG and BELIEVE and whatever you desire, you will achieve!”

Beautiful MN Teen & Mystical Mermaid

Kimberly and Michael Muller take us all on a perfect journey. Last Night I Swam With A Mermaid is wonderful gift for small friends.


My amazingly talented friend, Lori Marshall, co-authored with her renaissance father, Garry Marshall, his memoir, Happy Days in Hollywood: a thoughtful and exciting 40 year journey full of amazing stories and adventures including all his television shows and every movie that he directed. Interwoven in the Hollywood accounts are Garry’s poignant reflections and stories of his own family’s happy days.

Garry and Hector Elizondo Celebrate My Happy Days in Hollywood

Whether a child devotee of Happy Days, an adult fan of Beaches or somewhere in between, this book is rich in characters and deep in story. The photo galleries are full of family and actors of 40 years (and in Garry’s case many are both!!!). A great summer read by the pool or on a plane!

Garry surrounded by Lori's old friends, Dana and Jackie!

“Knowing that Happy Days appealed to people eight years old to eighty makes me smile even today. I always wanted to be remembered as Norman Rockwell of television, and Happy Days  represented the part of me that wanted to make mainstream America laugh. If television was the education of the American public, then Happy Days was the recess. And I always loved recess best.”

When reading Happy Days in Hollywood, Garry and Lori continue to make us laugh!

Big Night Out!!!

Ninja Mom


2 thoughts on “Mermaids & Happy Days!

  1. Love the Lori and Garry Marshall book. Full of hilarious anecdotes which reflects the charm and humor of the authors.

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