Pretty Women

The other evening I dropped off my Mutant Ninja Teenager and her girlfriend, two young, beautiful girls wearing tiny, mini dresses and very high heels, at a dark and seedy night club in Hollywood. I seriously questioned my parenting skills as I watched them slip into the club’s front door. I admit, I drove home quite perplexed by this scenario.

Scantily Clad MN Teens - Semi Formal 2012

When I grew up – two scantily clad young woman at a club in Hollywood symbolized prostitution. Who did not see Pretty Woman?

BUT, I knew that these sparsely dressed young women were joining their classmates for the school’s semi-formal. Being that the event was chaperoned by teachers and administrators and that we are in the 21st Century, I had to drop the evening’s rating from an R17 to PG13!  I remembered my school formals back in the early 1980s when we wore a lot more fabric and covered a lot more of our bodies – we were definitely closer to a G Rating back then!

Ninja Mom's Prom 1980 - Don't Laugh!

When I returned to the club a few hours later, my MN Teen texted me that she would be out in a few minutes; she had to say her goodbyes. Other teens streamed out of the club and I sat patiently waiting – this was my 21st Century Teen Anthropological and Sociological Field Study Exercise; I was not about the let this opportunity go to waste!

All the MN Teenage Girls walked out of the club and instantly as they hit the street light, they pulled down their skirt about 3 centimeters. Every MN Teen was equipped with a Blackberry or iPhone. There was a lot of flirting, lot’s of hugging and lot’s of kissing good bye. The boys were actually dressed nicely: jeans, tshirts and sports coats. I gasped as I watched one group of older girls walk in front of my car toward Hollywood Boulevard in the skimpiest skirts of the night – they barely covered their (thong) underwear and their shoes were so high that they walked unsteady like they were on stilts.

My group of MN Teens jumped in the car with sweet hellos followed by many complaints about the event’s food. As we inched through In-N -Out Burger drive through, I listened as they chatted about the party. They were dressed like older girls, but they were still delightful and young.

At home the petite teenagers still in their mini dresses chowed down In-N-Out Burgers, Grilled Cheese and Fries. Exhausted from a long day, I looked at them admiring how they could eat an array of carbs and oil at midnight, be so slender and still had so much energy! Oh to be young….

Late Night In N Out with iPhones on standby!

Ninja Mom


6 thoughts on “Pretty Women

  1. I enjoyed this article. I especially enjoyed seeing the author’s prom photo. I also watch both of my teen daughters leave for events looking as the author describes. I do take some comfort though in knowing that every last one of them is dressed the same way. I would be more disturbed if my daughter(s) were the only ones dressed this way. Maybe there is safety in numbers?! What concerns me more is that they are giggling, texting, adjusting their skirt lengths and basically not paying attention to anything around them- passerby, street signals, traffic, etc. Maybe if they held their heads high, kept their expensive electronics in a wide-strapped handbag held close to their bodies, made direct “I mean business” eye-contact with passerby (basically, acted like their mothers), I’d feel better about letting them out of the house.

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