Raging Hormones

My PreTeen (just shy of his 12th birthday) has all the signs of a teenager with raging hormones. Yes, I have truly begun to worry about the imminent changes that will be experienced over the next few years. My PT has spent the majority of his life carefully studying his older siblings’ teenage shenanigans and let me say, they have given him plenty of precious material to work with.

The best pizza at Il Pizzaiuolo, Florence

The best pizza at Il Pizzaiuolo, Florence

Recently, I picked PT up from a sleep over at his grandmother’s house on the kibbutz. In 24 hours, her living room had become his teen mecca – the tv was playing, couch/bed unmade, clothes strewn everywhere and wrappers crumpled on the side of the couch. PT was quite content in the middle of the mess plugging away on the iPad when I came in. In an effort to grab his attention, I suggested we go for a walk and get some fresh air.  Instead, PT offered to drive me around the kibbutz on his grandmother’s small electric vehicle.


Me and PT out in the rain.

To be fair, PT remains a sweet little boy. He is honest, thoughtful and articulate, but then out of nowhere, a nasty teen monster rears its crazy head: he can respond to the simple word,”HI”, with a ferocious attack. This is accompanied by facial expressions: the Impatient and you are annoying me Face, the that is the stupedest comment Face and of course, and the I already told you so Face.


Yes, he is cute!

Many times PT happily wants to shnuggle; other times, like when I drop him off with his peers at surf camp, he is embarrassed by my presence and gives me an exasperated look and a fierce reaction if I come too close.


PT still enjoys plastic surprise toys!

PT used to be of the opinion that I was a well qualified mother, but lately he has started to tell me how to behave and what to say.


Like father like son, Italian Train.

When I ask him to clean the dirty clothing off the floor and hang the wet towel, he responds, “I like it that way. What does it matter anyways?” Before the PT big mouth hormones kicked in, he would have just cleaned up!


Matcot before surfing camp on the Israeli beach.

PT lIke a full fledged teen wants to watch movies late into the night and then has a terrible time getting up.  If I did not wake him, he would sleep all morning and then lounge around reading sports stats and watching tv..


Life imitates art?

Each summer PT has summer math and reading: In the past all he required was gentle convincing and now it is like pulling teeth to get him to do his work.


PT driving me through the kibbutz.

So PT drove me around the kibbutz on the electric car: I could not help but surmise that this was a metaphor for the next 4 years (before he gets a real driver’s license) when he simply fulfills his job as a teenager and drives me a bit crazy!

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