Strangely Strict

My Mutant Ninja Teenage Daughter told me that I was ‘Strangely Strict’. I kind of liked this phrase; it reflected her creative & poetic character as opposed to when she simply tells me “You SUCK!” Why you might ask why I was ‘Strangely Strict?’ MN Teen Daughter has developed a serious shopping ailment: she shops on line from her bedroom at Forever 21, Urban Outfitters and a menagerie of other retail outlets. She pays for these items with her own debit card that has funds she worked for and deposited into her own bank account. She recently was forced to use her hard earned money when she realized that I was seriously not going to pay for her ¬†dangerous¬†shopping habit. Last week she ordered and payed for some clothes and each day, she is disappointed that the package is not waiting for her when she arrives home from school. So, yesterday she confronted me and asked if I had indeed received the box and was hiding it from her. I asked her, “Why would I hide a box of clothes that you paid for from you?” Her response was that I was ‘Strangely Strict’ which she explained meant that I was stricter than most parents and found weird and stupid ways to punish her (I like to use the words ‘find consequences’). In other words, it was my fault that her package had not arrived yet!

Strangely Strict Woman in Copenhagen

Now this woman I saw in Copenhagen appears to be 'Strangely Strict'!

Then today she resorted to simply telling me, “You SUCK!” When I looked at her and said that was not very nice, she said, “Well you know I love you!”

Ninja Mom

2 thoughts on “Strangely Strict

  1. I, too, like “strangely strick”. Beeing strick is not necessarily a bad thing and being strangely strick implies an element of surprise or the unknown. Yeah, I like that. I am going to strive to be strangely strick with my kids!

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