Stupid Mom, Stupid Ideas

My newly minted teenage daughter came to ask me for help with her homework assignment. When I offered her an idea that I thought was pretty good, she looked at me scornfully and snapped that it was a ‘stupid idea’! (I seem to be full of stupid ideas since she turned 13! 

Before I could shut my mouth, I said to her, “Not helpful as usual.” Her retort, “Not useful PERIOD!”  Ouch!  Thankfully she is the 3rd teen to feel this way about me and I do not take her words personally. The scornful look – now that kind of hurt!

Funny thing, about 30 minutes later out of the printer in my office came her assignment with exactly the same idea I had provided her with that was a ‘stupid idea’!

Her response…..”I could not think of a better idea and don’t say anything!!!” This time I did shut my mouth or rather bite my tongue.

Sounds familiar???

Ninja Mom aka ‘Not Useful Period!”

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