Thankful on Thanksgiving

What a mother is thankful for -

I am thankful that my son is ensconced a fine Israeli college.

I am thankful that his college is not in the south of Israel, Tel Aviv or Jerusalem.

My son 17 years ago.

I am thankful that my son was not riding a bus in Tel Aviv.

I am thankful that at this time, my son is safe from thousands of falling rockets that Hamas  sends into Israel from Gaza.

Bomb Shelter - Bus Stop in Sderot, Israel. 2012

I am thankful when my son answers his phone; I can take a break from worrying if he is in danger.

I am thankful that the young Israeli soldiers who are stationed on the border of Gaza have not yet been ordered to commence a land invasion.

16 & 17 year-old boys training for the Israeli Defense Force - all 18 year olds, male and female, have compulsory military service. 2012

I am thankful that Israelis invented the Iron Dome to meet enemy missiles in midair and halt their trajectory towards Israeli houses, school and hospitals.

My friend Dana's 2 week old baby, Gaya, who left her home in Southern Israel and moved to her grandparents house further north to where there are no sirens and no falling missiles. 2012

I am deeply thankful for Israeli cousins and friends who look out for my son, invite him to meals and offer him support.

Safta Marcel on Kibbutz Hatzor in Southern Israel is incapacitated - She cannot run to a bomb shelter each time there is a siren or fighter jet flying over head.

I am thankful for friends and family in America who write, call and ask how my son is doing in Israel while we all watch the terrible news from the region.

Some perspective on the narrow territorial focus of the fighting.

Every day for 22 years I am thankful for my beautiful children: their health, their happiness and their successes. I am thankful for my husband even more after 24 years. Thanksgiving is simply one more day when I celebrate how thankful (and very blessed) I truly am.

Happy Thanksgiving to my loving readers, my friends and family who each week support NInja Mom with care and thought. May you all have a safe and joyous Thanksgiving.

Ninja Mom

11/21 – 10AM – A Cease Fire has just been declared.


5 thoughts on “Thankful on Thanksgiving

  1. Beautiful post. Happy thanksgiving. Thankful that I will never go hungry as long as I know the Naftali’s. Thank you for your support and generosity always.

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