The Hedgehog, Hanukah and My Fiscal Cliff

“Spend, Spend, Spend” fills the familial airwaves; my children do not have a debt reduction plan as we face the Hanukah Fiscal Cliff! My unabashed teenager’s stimulus philosophy requires that I invest large sums to promote economic growth. Everyone is so busy, we cannot even sit at the dinner table long enough to discuss spending and entitlement cuts.

Sample e-mails:

Subject: Channukah Wishlist December 2, 2012 1119:49 PM PST Hey mom for Hanukah will you get me a new spacey purse (marc jacobs and kate spade have nice ones), cute black boots, and whatever else. Also gift cards to usefull places would be great (ie sephora, American apparal, I will be extremely grateful for anything and everything but Great presents rock.

December 3, 2012 1:15:08 PM PST Also for hanukah can. I have a simple new rubber iphone cAse

Tween son who I will lovingly refer to as my  ’Mr 47%’ – presented me with a hand written ‘Hanukah Wish List’ – including a key-tar (piano/guitar), soccer jersey for his favorite British player, Kid Robots, Wii Games, Apple Tv – He has very high spending requirements – no concept of how expensive his entitlements are – and little revenue sources. He is not a ‘moocher’; rather, ‘Mr 47%’ is very sweet – I liken him to my Hanukah suvgani-ya (delicious holiday doughnut).  Make no mistake – he is also strategic and thoughtful as he leverages his 8 day Hanukah return.

My college children have familial mandated spending limits to prevent waste: i.e. – college tuition cannot be trimmed while LF Sales are off the docket. College is ideal for our children to live independently, not have a paying job and attempt to raise the debt ceiling.

More e-mails -

Subject: Fwd: Your Tuition Bill is Now Available. A current Tufts University Tuition Bill is now available for online viewing

Subject: I know I am an eternal expenditure, but…. – Will you please send me a little bit of money for the coming week?

Subject: Rent  - please put 705 in my acct for rent?! THANK YOU
also did I tell you im babysitting a hedgehog???? 

Alphie, the Hedge Hog

A hedgehog? When I questioned this non-paying and part-time job -
Her response - Subject: Rent  - I mean I’m responsible for a LIFE here! Love you lots and lots

My responseSubject: Rent  - btw your little sister babysits real children whose parents pay her…

Do college hedgehogs drink like college students? Are hedgehogs kosher?

College Son – NO EMAILS: He must be managing well on his budget.

College Daughter prepares for the real world after graduation.

Hanukah celebrates the Maccabean revolt and the rededication of the Holy Temple in the 2nd Century BC when a drop of oil lasted for 8 days. To this day, Jews celebrate the miracle of sacred oil burning for 8 days; we eat suvganiot (hanukah donuts) and potato pancakes; we light menorahs and bless the candles; and we exchange presents.

Fiscal Shmiscal – I know that my family is safe from falling off any cliffs – How you might ask? Because, this Hanukah I celebrate the miraculous effect of heart warming words  - ‘Thank you’,’ Extremely Grateful’, ‘Please’ and ‘Love you lots and lots’.

Ninja Mom

4 thoughts on “The Hedgehog, Hanukah and My Fiscal Cliff

  1. Life is unpredictable, (except for the kids Hanukkah lists), I say get them what they want why they are still young. Before you know it they will be successful, self sufficient adults and won’t need anything from you. Spoil them rotten! BTW, my hanukkah list on the way…..

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