Wisdom and Grace

This year I have not made any New Years’ Resolutions. In the past, my resolutions have highlighted losing weight and working out. No matter my most sincere intent, within weeks, delicious chocolate chip cookies pass my lips. So this year, instead of resolutions that have little meaning and I admittedly do not have the willpower to achieve, I resign myself to happily accept who I am in 2013.

Ramon Crater at Mitzpe Ramon, Israel

Wisdom of My Age and Grace of My Years.

I am getting older. My body will never look the way it did in 1982, 1992 or 2002 – I am the new and improved me in 2013. I love my friend Marci’s chocolate chip cookies, my daughter’s banana bread and I plan trips all over the world that have more to do with food than anything else. I just purchased a new treadmill; I now understand that my workouts are much more for my brain and my heart than for my hips or my ass.

Bereshit Hotel, Mitzpe Ramon

Lines decorate my face. New ones crop up over night like mommy honor badges – years of not sleeping a whole night through, stress from teenagers who are on the hormone highway and now the added worries of young adults who are trying to make their way in the real world. Who ever said, “small children, small problems, big children, bigger problems,” probably suffered wrinkly-itis gladly. When I look in the mirror I see an older version of me. Wrinkles to me are symbols of a parents’ wisdom and grace; Wrinkles are a steady reflection offering a glimpse inside. And when I feel like I am sharing too much of my wisdom and grace with others, I have a doctor friend who can help me out!

Ramon Crater, Israel

I do not want my children to correct my behavior. I accept that my offspring do not always like how I act or who I am – heck who ever does – but I do not want them to tell me how to behave, how to smile for a camera, what songs I can sing, or how to act in front of their friends. I may not remember each of my children’s first words or their favorite vegetable when they were 2, but I remember staying up all night with high fevers, projectile vomit, hugging them when their first steps were accompanied with great tumbles, embracing them when their friends were mean to them and watching endless Barney videos.

Sunrise in the Negev

I need to do more things for me. Do not get me wrong, I will still drive children around with a chaufers’ pride, proof read papers in the 11th hour, attend concerts and watch hours of volleyball and basketball. I am encouraged when I hear that my friends spend afternoons playing Maj Jong or pop in to see a movie; visit museums or take dance classes; go back to school or simply attend classes they have always dreamed of taking.

Ibex, Mitzpe Ramon, Israel

Sometimes Ninja Mothers (and Fathers) with huge responsibilities feel that they do not have the right to tiny beautiful things. I hope that 2013 will be the year when we all search out and embrace as many tiny beautiful things as we possible can.

Ninja Mom




3 thoughts on “Wisdom and Grace

  1. Does this mean that you wont be playing tennis or working out when I come to visit and we can actually have a few moments together??? xoxo

  2. Wow, Liz! I had goose bumps and that yummy spiritual vibration the whole time I was reading your non-resolution!
    Thank you and love you!

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