You Only Live Once.

I just attended shiva for a lovely woman who lived til 96. Her family shared the secrets for her beautiful life: she lived a very full and interesting existence. I do not expect  to live til 96 – even with medical advances to increase life expectancy these days – but I do want to make all my years interesting and exciting. YOLO! You Only Live Once!


I bought tickets to see Pink at Staple Center. When I told my girlfriend that I was going to the Pink concert, she thought it was really cool. Both of our teenage daughters made faces and laughed at us. We ignored them. YOLO! You Only Live Once!

IMG_0036My husband had no idea who Pink was. He was simply happy to have Date Night with No Kids. A change from our typical weekend entertainment sitting on park benches watching  basketball games at 7pm on Saturday nights or driving to volleyball games in Anaheim on Sunday mornings at 6am. YOLO! You Only Live Once!


He was quickly mesmerized by Pink and her ensemble of incredible musicians, dancers,  singers and acrobatics. She sang solo, upside down, flying through the air, spinning around and never missed a beat!  YOLO! You Only Live Once!IMG_0054

For the first 20 minutes of the concert, my daughter texted me with transportation issues: The taxi she ordered to pick her up from a school basketball game did not arrive; she was not sure what to do. I was frantic that she and her friends were alone on a dark street (my vivid imagination ran free) until ‘ping’ finally a taxi arrived and they returned home safely to watch the Beyonce Special. YOLO! You Only Live Once!


For two hours we escaped with song and dance, popcorn and beer and of course, our 19,998 new friends. YOLO! You Only Live Once!


Half way through, I was ready to go on stage and perform song and acrobatics with Pink! YOLO! You Only Live Once!


I admired Pink’s tight tummy and her dynamic wardrobe and loved her vulgar and honest comments; I was transformed. YOLO! You Only Live Once!

IMG_0087Then Pink flew around Staple Center. I was ready to buckle in and fly over 20,000 people too. YOLO! You Only Live Once!


OK. Do not laugh. We stayed out til 12:30am! YOLO! You Only Live Once!


When the smoke finally rose, I was a refreshed woman. I highly recommend these two hour escapes. Now I am now off to the next adventure!      How about you?


Ninja Mom

3 thoughts on “YOLO

  1. my 76 year old dad has three baseball caps, one of which he wears every single day. Once is “Go Bears” w/ “Cal” on the back, the 2nd says “YOLO”, and the third says “LIG”- life is good. I am reminded of all of the above every time I see him. ; )

  2. So jealous you saw Pink. My kids don’t understand why I like her so much. Next time I have the opportunity to see her perform, I’m going, and telling my kids YOLO.

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