Culinary Bonding with Teenagers

Traveling over spring vacation to Israel was wonderful, but taking MN Teenager away from her friends was tough. Determined for a good trip, I thought of the most productive ways to bond: a walk on the beach – she became too tired too quickly and left me; a visit to the New Amir Building at the Tel Aviv Museum – this was okay; but the most effective bonding I discovered was – food!

Herta and Paul Amir Building - Tel Aviv Museum of Art - BEAUTIFUL!!!

Eating at different restaurants – a great way to bond and at the same time discover new tastes! We made every attempt to eat a fun or good meal each day together! Whether it be chopped salads on the beach, scrumptious falafels from South Tel Aviv, dinner at Aunt Shula’s (the best restaurant in Israel) or fine dining in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem – Culinary Bonding was Delightful. The following photo journal best articulates NInja Mom’s culinary indulgences on holiday with her kids!

Gazebo - Hasharon Beach – Boardwalk, Herzelia. Tel – 09-950-2000. Dine at the beach after great surfing, paddle boarding, kayaking or a walk down the beach.

Chopped Salad and Tehini - The Best Lunch and Great Surfing!

Peach Nestea and Limonana - divine non-alcoholic cheer!

Mahane Yehuda Restaurant – 10 Beit Yaacov Street, Jerusalem  Tel – 972 (02) 533-3442  The restaurant is located in the Mahane Yehuda Shuk (market place). Three Israeli chefs, fresh food, an open kitchen, a beautiful bar, crates of vegetable, shelves of oils and wines all decorate the simple two floors. One dish was more delicious than the next. In the middle of lunch, we handed the chefs fresh vegetables from the neatly stacked crates behind us. Reservations need to be made months in advance for this culinary treat. (It is a noisy, but the food is delicious.)

Vegetable Decor

Tehina and Meat Sauce - great with bread.

White Fish Carpacci

End All Be All - Endive Salad

Tomato, Goat Cheese & Bean Salad

Daniel, our waiter, sitting down to take our dessert order.

Delicious Grilled Calamari (Once you get over its phallic nature!)

Black Risotto with Cauliflower and Mussels

Uri's Mom's Famous Semolina Cake with Tehini Ice Cream and Fresh Whipped Cream OMG!


Walk through the Mahane Yehuda Shuk after lunch…it is a great adventure!

Tapas 1 Ha’am – 27 Ehad Ha’am St, Tel Aviv Israel – Tel – 972 (03) 566-6966                             Delicious Tapas: fresh ingredients and dynamic scents and flavors in the heart of Tel Aviv:

Tapas 1 Ha'am Decor

Bread and spices

 Transparent Wild Fish Carpaccio

Roasted Cauliflower in Almond Cream

Early Spring Crystal Shrimps

Mediterranean Sea Bass - beet puree

Turkish Shrimps

Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream with Intriguing Sauce

Aunt Shula’s Apartment, Tel Aviv. My Aunt Shula is the finest chef in Israel. You cannot make a reservation, you just have to be lucky enough to be invited over to eat at her home! She prepares amazing and mouth watering Iraqi and Israeli cuisine – on this evening, she also ordered sushi to round out the Middle Eastern meal. The food is a great treat, but so is the company.

Iraqi Cuisine Meets Sushi in Tel Aviv

Tibeat - My favorite Iraqi Rice with the crunchy burnt bottom!

Falafel Gina – 45 King George Street, Tel Aviv & 22 Schocken, Tel Aviv, 126 Menachem Begin Road (near Azrieli Center) – a few of branches. The original branch of this falafel chain is in South Tel Aviv and always has a long line of customers. One of the best falafels you will ever eat! Pita (whole wheat too!) is baked fresh and the falafel balls are fresh and hot!

Gina's Falafel with humus, tehina and chopped salad or schnitzel and chips

Herbert Samuels – 6 Kolfman St. (Gaon House), Tel Aviv – tel – 03-516-6516               Delightful Tapas dishes to share, lovely atmosphere across the road from the Mediterranean – sit on the 2nd floor and watch the chefs in the open kitchen or downstairs by the bar. Menu -

Tomato Salad - The one everyone is trying to imitate!

Sea Bass - Seasonal Vegetables, scented wines

Yellow Tail Sashimi, Basil, Star Anise & Avocado

Purple Risotto - Glowing Vegetables and Pink Cloud - OMG!

Iceberg Volcano – Opposite Hanger 11 in Namal Tel Aviv (Tel Aviv Port) tel – 03-602-6000.  IceBerg has delicious salads, real Italian pizza and amazing ice cream & sorbet desserts. Inexpensive and Yummy! After a filling meal, walk around the Tel Aviv Port! There are many other coffee shops, fish restaurants and fun shops in the Namal (also worth checking out is the Tel Aviv Port Farmer’s Market –

3 Scoops of Ice Cream over a large chocolate chip cookie

Yaffa/Tel Aviv Restaurant – 98 Yigal Alon (Electra Building) – 03-624-9249. Open restaurant with bar and kitchen amidst the tables in a Tel Aviv high-rise building where Google has its Israeli Offices. Amazing focaccia bread, salads, fish and meat! No Photos :-(

Yam 7 – Herzelia Beach – Dan Accadia Hotel. Wonderful sea food restaurant with great salads on the new Teyelet of Herzelia Pituah Beach. No Photos :-(

Tourquiz -Sea and Sun Beach, Tel Aviv  Tel – 03-699-6306   A beautiful restaurant with amazing fresh fish and incredible salads! No Photos :-(

As you can see, we could bond very well over incredible food!

Ninja Mom

5 thoughts on “Culinary Bonding with Teenagers

  1. I’m keeping this in my Israel file! What was the restaurant we went to for dinner on our last night? It was amazing!! And I agree… The Israeli salad and falafel are two of my best memories of Israel.

  2. I think Israel beats Italy any day in a culinary battle… YUM. The photos of tehini, hummus, and felafel make me cry a little… What fun for you all! xoMelissa

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