Parenting Teens with ADHD

Parents of Mutant Ninja Teens definitely have their work cut out for them: there are few breaks from worry, constant testing of frustration levels, and many times where YOU feel helpless. Add to it a Mutant Ninja Teen with ADHD and boy, this can make the role of parenting all the more challenging. Many problems are magnetized including alcohol & drugs use, behavior problems, reckless driving, & depression.

I can only suggest that if YOU have a child with ADHD, please begin to deal with it when the MN Teen is young. Everything exponentially becomes more challenging when this proactive parenting is put off for another day or another year, because it is exhausting at the time; one may naturally think – maybe it will just pass on its own? I promise that if you wait to take on these problems, when the MN Teen is older and more developed, you will pay a greater price and any success in dealing with these issues will be harder to achieve. This is definitely amateur advice I am giving: it is based on what I have personally experienced from my own procrastination/denial & from watching many of my MN Teens’ peers going through adolescence as well.

Most of articles on this subject are complex; but I just read one on the subject that was smart, thoughtful and clear and thought to share with YOU. It is a helpful discussion of how to deal with Teens who have ADHD that I appreciated. Another reminder that you are not alone!

Ninja Mom


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