Rancid Milk and Moldy Pizza

Rancid Milk and Moldy Pizza are two of my favorite items that were found in
Mutant Ninja Teenage Boys’ rooms. The rancid milk carton was in my own MN son’s room a few years back and I actually just thought the foul odor in his room was dirty socks, but when I went in for a cleaning I discovered a milk carton filled a quarter with black milk sitting on his shelf behind his desk that was completely repulsive and made me gag. My friend went to clean her MN Teen Son’s room and discovered a half eaten piece of moldy pizza on a plate shoved in the drawer of his desk.

All of my MN Teens are slobs! At 13, they turn a new leaf and even more than before, they simply drop everything on the floor of their bedrooms in dirty piles, shove everything bunched and mushed up in drawers and clothes both clean and dirty are left scattered everywhere until they are needed for their daily wardrobe. Desks cluttered with layers of papers, books, food wrappers, drinking glasses and more and are left in disarray and bathrooms with creams, bottles and tissues are war zones. I have tried to change this bad habit with my Mutant Ninja Teens, but slowly over the years I have come to realize that it is really my problem. I like order and cleanliness and they like disorder and filth as long as they do not have to clean! They rarely oppose having a cleaner or mother straighten or clean their room, but the sadly funny part is that they really do not see much difference whether their rooms is a filthy mess or it is neat and orderly. I have also learned that nagging Mutant Ninja Teenagers to clean their room falls on deaf ears; as I pick my battles, this is not one that I wage too often. House Beautiful and Vogue are not calling for a photo shoot so I am completely safe if a few bedrooms in my house look as though a hurricane came through and left disaster in its wake. 

Eden's Closet after the hurricane

Mutant Ninja Teen Daughter's closet

Recently I visited, my oldest Teenage Mutant Ninja Daughter in Copenhagen and snapped a few photos of the interior of the quaint, beautiful old apartment in the center of the city where she is very happily living.  In anticipation of my visit, she and her roommate straightened up their room.

Noa's Cleaned Up Room.

Mutant Ninja Daughter's Room - Cleaned For My Visit!

Her apartment mates obviously did not get the memo about my visit!

Roommates Room

MN Daughter's Apartment mates bedroom.

The sitting area….

The sitting area - 11 in the morning.

The cute little kitchenette. Please notice the culinary and beverage combination……

The kitchen Counter at 11 in the morning.

Finally I found some cleanliness in her apartment……

Finally some order.

Ninja Mom

One thought on “Rancid Milk and Moldy Pizza

  1. At least your son drinks milk! One of my sons gets his dairy supply from all the ice cream cartons that I find in his room. There is no mold because he licks the cartons clean. Those empty pints of Haagen-Daz are the cleanest things in his room.

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