Footloose & Fancy Free

A happy Teenage Mutant Ninja……

Last night in the midst of a cold and windy rain storm, my husband and I went with our newest Mutant Ninja Teen to see the movie Footloose. My husband asked why we were going to see Footloose. I responded that this was the movie the Ninja Teen Daughter wanted to see; and the whole time, I thought to myself how lucky we are that she still wants to go with us to a movie!!!

I cannot believe that it was 27 years ago when I watched the original Footloose with Kevin Bacon and Lori Singer. When I saw the original movie, I was practically one of those teenagers who wanted to dance and listen to loud music. And after what seems like a blink of an eye I now have more in common with the reverend’s wife and am the mother of those teenagers! Darn I am old! And where the heck did all the years go????                                                                                                                                                 

At the theater, we ran into one of Mutant Ninja Teen’s best friends and her parents and both girls still wanted to sit next to us parents in the same row. And even sitting next to her best friend, we cuddled and held hands during parts of the movie; Ninja Teen Daughter did not get mad at me for 2 straight hours! SCORE!!!!

WOW! As I write, a beautiful and vibrant deer is running through my back yard. The good luck continues to another day!

Ninja Mom 


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