Happy New Year At The Sea

A very special friend once told me that his best New Year Mornings were those when he woke up at the sea. I have to agree – this is a perfect way to commence a New Year! The following 10 photos all celebrate the Mediterranean Sea over the last week on my early morning walks in Herzlia Pituah. Where ever you are, may you enjoy the views of the sea as you commence a beautiful, exciting and healthy 2012. 

Winter Surfing

Winter Surfing

Crazy Kite Surfers

Beach Walk

Beach Walk

Really Crazy Kite Surfer

Really Crazy Kite Surfer

Magical Beach House

Insane Winter Swimmer in a Speedo

Beautiful North Beach

Peaceful Winter Fishing

Blue Boat

Final Sunset of 2011

Cheers, Ninja Mom

3 thoughts on “Happy New Year At The Sea

  1. BEAUTIFUL! Liz, I didn’t know you were such a good photographer! Even more beautiful than your photos and the landscape of your second home in Israel, are your words. I’m so glad you shared this with me!

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