It Takes a Village

Parenting Mutant Ninja Teens is so much easier if you have friends who are also raising teens to share the crazy stories, rediculous activities and outlandish behavior. My friends and I vent, laugh and cry and no matter what we are going through with our teens; we are there for each other with little judgement and a lot of support. I do not have any friends with perfect teenagers, although I have certainly encountered these folks. When I meet a parent who says their teen does not talk back, give attitude or roll their eyes, I know that I need to bite my tongue and move on. Those ‘non’ teens really scare me, because I am sure they are missing something in their adolescent development curve. BUT what I really want to stress to parents of Teenage Mutant Ninja Children is the importance of good, honest and funny friends to share the teenage roller coaster ride.

I met a dear old friend for coffee tho other morning. She recently finished raising her MN Teenagers as her youngest daughter is now 20 like my eldest Ninja Child. During our daughters’ adolescence, we were there for each other to laugh at ridiculous stories and stunts, to scream and cry in frustration and anger, to delight in the beautiful and happy occasions and to share in watching over our teenage daughters and all of their friends (It Takes a Village!). We now proudly wear invisible medals of honor having survived and helped to produce these amazing young women; we Ninja Mothers are full of wonderful stories and have very few scars to show!


Ninja Mom


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