Tropical Teenage Hurricane

Raising a child from 13 to 19 is not often a very thankful job: it is challenging and no matter how prepared parents feel, there is always something that comes their way that they are not prepared to receive. I liken raising a teenager to a tropical hurricane that makes landfall at unpredictable times and locations with varying magnitudes and causes great destruction to parents and any other who are in eye of the teen’s storm path. Most often before the hurricane, the sky is clear and fresh; after the torrential hurricane comes through, the skies are once again beautiful. This brilliance may come a little too late, but¬†when there is sunshine, parents YOU need to bask in it for as long as possible,¬†because these hurricanes with their familiar names and crazy weather patterns will return again and again when YOU are least suspecting and far from a safe shelter.

Ninja Mom

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