The Wrong Sandwich….

My Mutant Ninja Teenage Daughter got in the car after a school day. I had come from lunch with a friend and bought her a sandwich. I was all pumped up thinking -wow, I am the nicest mother!!! Boy was I wrong….. She snapped angrily that the sandwich I brought was not the one that she liked or ever had ever ordered from the place and that I should have know what she liked! Then she asked where her Arnold Palmer was? When I said that I did not get her one, she snapped again, ‘You know I always get an Arnold Palmer there!’ Yikes. Who was this child sitting next to me??? I snapped and told her that she was a spoiled brat and that in the future I would not bring her anything to eat. Boy was I fuming. (I defintely had to remember this for when she was nicer!) I just stopped short of reminding her about the starving kids in the world. A few minutes after we returned home, she sincerely apologized for her bad behavior. I knew that she felt terrible about snapping at me over the sandwich! I definitely have a 2-fer – there are two girls living in my beautiful MN Teenage Daughter’s body: one who is thoughtful and kind and I enjoy very much and one that is impulsive and a little scary. My jobs is to balance the two of them.

Ninja Mom

2 thoughts on “The Wrong Sandwich….

  1. I, too, have two daughters living in the same body. I refer to them as “the nice Laura” and “the other Laura”. Sometimes I ask her when “the nice Laura” is coming back because I like her better! The good news is that “the nice Laura” always returns eventually. I am hoping that as she gets older, “the nice Laura” visits more frequently.

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